Burleigh Brewing Co. Big Head No Carb Lager Stubbi 6 * 330mL

$24.99 each


Burleigh Brewing Co. Big Head No Carb Lager Stubbies is a refreshing and full-flavoured lager styled beer with plenty of hop bitterness. It is an awesome sessional beer.


Malted barley, German hops, yeast and water. 18 IBU, 5 EBC No sugar, No preservatives, Non-pasteurised, Vegan friendly, Lactose-free, No detectable gluten*

Tasting Notes

Burleigh Bighead is a full-flavoured, full-strength beer that is 100% natural and boasts a clean, crisp taste. With zero carbs and only 101 calories per can, Burleigh Bighead is brewed traditionally, with an innovative twist. The depth of flavour will surprise you. A big idea that happened. Have you ever been kicking around with your mates, half-daydreaming about stuff you could/should do when someone mentions something that seems so outrageous that you just have to have a crack at it? It’s pretty much the story of Burleigh Bighead. We were challenged to brew an all-malt beer for the carb conscious, that actually delivered on its full-flavour promise. And the result is something we’re truly proud of. Not that we’re getting a big head about it.

Product Details

Liquor Style Beer
Alcohol By Volume 4.2%
Standard Drinks 1.1
Closure Bottle cap
Bottled in Burleigh

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